1. How many times have you been back-country snowboarding/skiing? If you have not, why?

2. Which proficiency level skier/ snowboarder do you consider yourself?

3. Have you ever taken any sort of safety or training courses that could assist you in the back-country? if yes, which ones?

4. Who do you usually explore the back-country with?

5. Do you use any smart phone applications while in the back-country? If yes, which ones?

6. why do you like or dislike back-country snowsports?

7. In as few words as possible, describe how you prepare for a back-country trip?

8. What is your biggest fear about exploring the back-country?

9. if you are an experienced back-country rider, what is one thing you wish you knew before exploring the back-country?

10. How did you know you were ready to start exploring the back-country?