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* 1. Club:

* 2. Name, email, and phone number of 2013-14 Club President:

* 3. Name, email, and phone number of 2013-14 Club Vice President:

4. Name, email, and phone number of 2013-14 Club Secretary or Another Officer (if not secretary):

* 5. Name, email, and phone number of 2013-14 Club Treasurer:

6. Name, email, and phone number of any other officers/positions with the club (i.e. equipment manager):

* 7. In order to help build an alumni base and for us to stay in contact, please list any graduating seniors with their name and email address. If you know of their future location, please list as well. (i.e. Joe Smith, joesmith@gmail.com, Charlotte, NC).

8. Do you have a Tax ID? If so, please provide who from the club asked for a Tax ID number.

* 9. Are any of your advisors or coaches changing for the fall?

10. If you answered yes to a change in advisor or coach, please provide any new contact information or search process information below.

* 11. Is the club active during the summer?

* 12. If you answered yes to the club being active during the summer, please provide a roster below (name, email, phone number, date of birth, and m number) or email a summer roster form to Susie at susan.mahoney@uc.edu.

13. Do you know of a date, time, and location of your fall tryout, callout, or informational meeting? If yes, please let us know below - what to call the meeting, where, and when it will be held. (If you do not know today, please inform us this summer, so we can help get the word out to potential members).

* 14. Please provide any highlights from 2012-13 that we can mention on our website and promotional materials!

15. Game/Events Schedule: If you have a list of matches, games, events in the fall, please provide information on the games. You can also email a schedule, provide a web link, or email the game schedule form once you know.

16. Have you requested practice space for the fall?

17. If you know of your future practice space and times for fall, please list below (i.e. Mondays 7-9pm, Sheakley)

* 18. Why do you participate in club sports?

* 19. What is something you get out of or have learned from participating in club sports?

20. If there is anything else that you would like on your SALD club sport website this summer, please let us know in the space provided.

* 21. How many students attended practices or events as members of your club throughout the year?

* 22. How many students would you like on your roster, if possible. Please explain.

* 23. What member's information should we provide to interested students? Please provide their position, name and email address that we should use?

* 24. Is your club interested in participating in the club sports orientation table? If you check Yes, the Program Coordinator will be in touch.