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UGovernment is currently building a large maintenance yard and water tower at the center of the Botanical Gardens to replace a small yard that was previously there over a decade ago. We feel the Botanical Gardens, one of our treasures, belongs to the people ofu Bermuda and should therefore not be used for industrial purposes.

What this project means for the Botanical Gardens and Bermuda:
  • Two large buildings(30' and 18'3" high), a 20' water tower and a large staff parking lot surrounded by perimeter fencing with electric sliding gates will dominate the center of the Botanical Gardens
  • This site will provide a thru-way for heavy trucks going from Berry Hill to South Shore Rd. and vice versa and will disturb the peacefulness of the Gardens
  • 100+ Parks staff will be driving to this site on a daily basis to collect and/or drop off heavy trucks, trailers, tractors and equipment creating noise and activity within the Gardens
  • Increased rush hour congestion and traffic along South Shore Rd and hospital zone
  • Heavy trucks, trailers, tractors and equipment will be parked at the site nights, weekends and holidays and will be viewable from within the Botanical Gardens
  • Site to be used for repairing and maintaining Parks equipment therefore cause on noise pollution and an unsightly view for visitors to the Botanical Gardens
  • The site will have a water truck filling station so trucks will be driving in and out throughout the day to fill and collect water
  • The site will have a truck/vehicle washing station meaning more traffic and noise throughout the day as well as a painting workshop and a training room further creating traffic and noise throughout the day

    Why this project needs to be stopped:
  • The Botanical Gardens is Bermuda's most important park and one of our most important tourism sites and we feel the sight of these large buildings, water tower and heavy trucks, trailers, tractors and equipment parked in the middle of the Gardens will dominate the view and ruin it's integrity
  • The increased heavy truck activity driving through the site, trucks filling at the water tower as well as the increased noise from the maintenance yard and staff congregating a daily basis will have a negative impact on the Garden's peacefulnessThe site is vital to the overall layout of the Gardens and is currently the only way to easily get from one side of the Garden to the other
  • This department, Parks Maintenance was identified for outsourcing in last years budget potentially making these new building redundant
  • The original Planning application in the paper listed the address for this redevelopment as 169 South Road. No mention that it was in Botanical Gardens nor that this site was zoned as Park therefore we feel inadequate notice was given to the public about this project.
  • To protect the integrity and beauty of the Botanical Garduuens for future generations.

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I support asking Government to halt work immediately on the maintenance yard in the Botanical Gardens and ask that this area be reverted to be a usable part of the Gardens, forever linking both sides and enhancing it for future generations

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