WMU History Dept. Alumni Survey

The WMU History Dept. is collecting information from our Alumni for the following reasons:

1) to better understand what our alumni do in their careers and lives after receiving their degree
2) to better understand what skills have been useful in the careers of our alumni, as well as what would be desirable for us to focus more on providing to our current students;
3) to determine interest in supporting an internship and mentorship program for our current and future students
4) to help support our overall goal of creating a stronger sense of community between our Department, our alumni and our current and future students. 

* 1. What is your current career or profession?

* 2. What skills have you found to be especially important for success in your career or profession?

* 3. What are some of the most important skills and knowledge you feel you learned as a WMU history major/minor?  Which of these have been helpful to you in your career or profession?

* 4. What skills and/or knowledge do you wish that you had gained at WMU, but did not, in preparation for your career/profession?

* 5. Would you be interested in providing mentorship or an internship (paid or unpaid) to a WMU history student? What kind of internship or mentorship could you provide, or what would you envision? (If so, please contact Chair Bill Warren at wilson.warren@wmich.edu)

* 6. Would you be willing to contribute to the WMU History Dept. Internship Support Fund? If so, please contact History Department Chair Bill Warren (wilson.warren@wmich.edu).