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1. Personal Training Client Evaluation

* 1. Trainer Name

* 2. Date

* 3. Number of Sessions Purchased

* 4. Location

* 5. Where you satisfied with the facility?

* 6. Please rate the PERSONAL TRAINER in the following areas:

  Poor Fair Average Good Excellent
Timeliness of Contact
Overall Knowledge
Fitness Assessment Experience

* 7. Do you believe the cost of your training was...

* 8. The customer service at the time of registration was:

* 9. What do you like BEST about your personal training experience?

* 10. What do you like LEAST about your personal training experience?

11. Please comment about your PERSONAL TRAINING EXPERIENCE overall:

* 12. Sex

* 13. Please select all that apply:

  Undergraduate Grad Student Faculty Staff Other
University Affiliation