1. Please rate 9AM Session Hour -- Eileen Seeger & Holly Gamblin

2. Please RATE 10AM Session -- Dori Condon & Hubi Krawczyk

3. Please RATE Session 3 at 11AM -- Liz Braatz & Cori Timm

4. Please RATE Session 4 at 12PM - Heather Caponi & Heather Nelson

5. Please Rate Session 5 at 1PM -- Kim Corr & Melissa Spredemann

6. Please Rate Session 6 at 2PM -- Bonnie Kalinowski & Jill Sommers

7. Select the Presenters you would LOVE to see again next year:

8. Any Instructors you would like to recommend for 2015? Please list their full names, their fitness club or organization, and vicinity.

9. Please Rate the Following Areas - with 5 being the best -- 1 being terrible

  Great Very Good Good Okay Not Good NA
Check-In Process on Saturday
Check-In Process on Sunday
Overall Ambiance of the Ride
Getting Help During the Ride
Food during the Ride
Drink during the Ride
Subs at the end of the Ride
Prizes Options
Goody Bags
Training Rides at YOUR facility
Communication on details

10. Would you participate again?