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1. What is your age?

2. What is your sex?

3. What is your ethnicity?

4. Are you currently participating in the following programs in College of Sciences?

5. Are you currently working while attending Cal Poly?

6. Do you live on Cal Poly campus?

7. Are you the first one in your family to receive college education?

8. How far is your primary residence form Cal Poly?

9. What is your current major/option?

10. How effective is the teaching within your major/option?

11. How effective is the teaching within non-GE support science courses (e.g. science courses outside your department)?

12. Are you currently engaging in any research activities?

13. Are you currently engaging in the following extra-curricular activities?

14. Your current academic standing?

15. How helpful is the current advising system with the advising hold being placed before registration period (in your own department) ?

16. If you have used the services provided by the on-campus career center, how useful were they?

17. Are you currently receiving financial aid or scholarships to help pay your college education?

18. Are you interested in pursuing advance degree after your bachelor at Cal Poly ?

19. Your academic status when you first joined Cal Poly?

20. What is your future career plan?

21. Overall, are you satisfied with your experience at Cal Poly (all areas)?

22. Would you be interested in serving as a big Brother/Sister to the Cal Poly students in the future ?

23. If your major is Biology, one of your main reasons to decide to come here instead of other Biology Program on other campuses is because of the different options (Zoology, Microbiology, Botany, Environmental Biology, Biotechnology) offered at Cal Poly?

24. If you have been accepted into post-bac program (PhD, MD, DDS, Pharmacy, MSMS, CLS, etc) or been hired, please provide us the name of school or company and the year you will attend or join.

25. Any additional comments you like to share with us?