Survey Introduction

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The Roundtable on the Crown of the Continent (Roundtable) asked the Miistakis Institute to undertake an assessment of the current state of programs (including concepts, pilots and/or projects) relating to ecosystem services (ES) in the Crown of the Continent Ecosystem (CCE).

An ES approach allows for an examination of the connection between human well-being and services the ecosystem provides. ES is increasingly being utilized for considering the health of an ecosystem through a service oriented lens and allows for the development of integrated solutions and strategies to maintain and restore natural ecosystems for the benefit of people and nature.

The following survey begins with a short description of ecosystem services and ecosystem services-based programs, followed by a 10-15 minute survey. If you want to exit the survey and continue later, make sure you select the "next" button at bottom of the of page you are working on. This will save your responses to date. If you have any questions about the survey or how the information will be used, please contact Tracy Lee at the Miistakis Institute at or 403-440-8444.