1. How old are you? Where, generally, do you live?

2. How old were you for the onset of your realization that you were lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender?

3. What were your immediate feelings?

4. Who was the first you told? Friends, family, strangers, someone specific? Who were the “safe zones”, or were they safe at all?

5. At what age did you “out yourself” (if you have)?

6. How did your community react? Your friends, family, strangers, others? Was it positive or negative? Do you have specific experiences that stand out?

7. What do you consider the highlight, or best, experience that you've had?

8. What was the worst?

9. As a member of the LGBT community, what do YOU want people to know?

10. How would you define the words gay, lesbian, transgender, bisexual, or whichever group you describe yourself as?