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* 1. Club:

* 2. Year club was established:

* 3. # of Members per club.

* 4. Of your club members, how many are active?

* 5. Of your club members, how many travel with the club?

6. Of your club members, how many were new this year and how many were returners?

* 7. Budget representative name(s) and email address(es):

* 8. Club website address:

* 9. What is your current tier level?

* 10. Are you applying for a different tier level for 2013-2014?

11. If you are applying for a new Tier level, please include justification here. Providing information how your club sports organization has changed over the past few years/seasons.

12. If yes, for what tier level are you applying? *note you can only move 1 tier level per year.

* 13. What are the annual dues PER MEMBER PER YEAR?

14. If additional money was asked of a member to contribute to the club's activities in addition to dues, please describe for what activity and how much this year? (i.e. yes for regional tournaments, $80 total)

* 15. When did your dues last increase? And when it increase how much did it increase? (ex. Fall 2012 dues increased from $20 to $50)

* 16. How many members do you currently have? List undergraduate, graduate, faculty/staff.

* 17. Is your club required to have general liability insurance through your regional or national affiliation?

18. If yes, please add his/her:
Email address

19. If you have a coach, do you pay him or her?

* 20. Do you have an off campus bank account?

21. If you do have an off campus bank account, what is your Tax ID #? And the current balance? *Remember to bring statements for the year from the account with you to to the budget hearing.

* 22. What are the goals and purpose of your club sport?

* 23. List your club achievements for the 2012-2013 academic year.

24. List club's achievement goals for 2012-2013?

* 25. What is your general practice schedule (day/time/location)?

* 26. List any fundraising activities from this fiscal year and what was earned for each activity (July 1, 2012 to current).

* 27. Please list any major future plans for your club sport (fundraising, recruitment, tournaments, coaching changes/additions, etc.).

* 28. What is on your wishlist for items? needs? wants for the club?

* 29. Please provide a link or attach game schedule (and other events) to show the activity of the club from spring semester.

30. At this point, please fill out the Budget template on the officer resources page: http://www.uc.edu/sald/club_sports/Resources.html.

Once the form is completed, email Susie Mahoney at susan.mahoney@uc.edu with the above attachmentYou'll then set up a meeting with Susie and the CSAC to go over your budget request including off-campus bank account statements (Cinco, PNC, etc) and the club sports account statement to review funding needs for 2013-2014. Please bring off campus bank account transaction information from July 1, 2012 to current to the meeting.