Application for Spring 2014 honors seminar "Research in Natural Laboratories: Brazilian Amazon" with a study tour to Brazil.

Please keep in mind that this is an application and does not guarantee a space in the program. You may be contacted for an interview with the course director, Dr. Jodi Shann. You will be notified of your status prior to spring semester registration.

* 1. Points to consider:

• This is not a vacation – it is a structured class! If your only interest in taking this course is “seeing Brazil”, please do not apply for this class!
• UC’s Student Code of Conduct applies while in Brazil
• There are a limited number of spaces within this class.
• Students are expected to meet the instructor's academic and behavioral expectations during the class time leading up to the travel component. Students who do not meet academic and/or behavioral expectations will not be permitted to travel. Students in this situation will not receive a refund.