Dear Green Ribbon School* Applicant,

Welcome, and thank you for taking the time to apply for the Green Ribbon School program. In addition to providing Georgia with excellent applications for the U.S. Green Ribbon School program, this survey will help us gather information about where schools are on their sustainability journey - and provide us with much needed insight as to how we can better provide support for your process.

The deadline for this application is November 16th by the end of business. At that time, scoring on the application will determine which four Georgia schools will be submitted by the Georgia Department of Education for consideration as a U.S. Green Ribbon School.

Once you enter the survey to begin your application, you can "Exit and Save" the survey in order to come back and complete it. This must be done on the same computer, however. In order to save your survey, you MUST click the "Exit This Survey" button in the top right corner. It will automatically save the survey. When you log back onto the survey (from the same computer) it will remember where you left off.

Before you begin the online survey, we suggest you use the survey pdf in order to collect all the information that will be required to complete the survey. This should make the process much simpler.

And, in case you haven't heard, the Turner Foundation has generously renewed its offer of $10,000 in prize money for Georgia school(s) awarded the National Green Ribbon from U.S. Department of Education. (If more than one school from Georgia wins Green Ribbon, they will split the money. If just one is designated, that school will win the entire prize).

Good luck and let's make Georgia shine!

*Please use the School District application if you are applying for a District recognition.