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1. Welcome to the Louisiana LawHelp Visitor Survey

1. To start off, please tell us how you found out about LouisianaLawHelp.Org:

2. Why do you use LouisianaLawHelp.Org? You can pick all the answers that apply to you.

3. If you are looking for sample letters or forms, please let us know what areas of law you need them for.

4. How often do you visit LouisianaLawHelp.Org?

5. Is it easy or hard to use the website?

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Seeing the print on the screen?
Reading and understanding the information?
Clicking to find other parts of the website?
Searching for information?

6. What kind of legal information do you look for on LouisianaLawHelp.Org? You can pick as many as you want.

7. Would this site be easier for you to use if you could click to hear a recording of information on the site?

8. Did you find the information you were looking for?

9. Where are the best places for you to use LouisianaLawHelp.Org? You can pick more than one.

10. Thank you, and here are a few quick wrap-up questions: would you use this site again and would you recommend it to another person and what kind of device did you use to visit the site?

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I would use this site again
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