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* At the most recent Food Collaborative meeting, we defined committees to lead various initiatives. Please indicate your interest in serving on any of the following:

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Fundraising Committee: Explores and pursues funding opportunities, identifies and applies for grants to support the UVa Food Collaborative's initiatives.
Website Committee: Manages the UVa Food Collaborative website. An opportunity to be creative and gain skills in design and social media.
Film Series Committee: Organizes several food-related film screenings with panel discussions throughout the year, collaborating with the Virginia Film Festival and with community partners.
UVA-Community Gardens Committee: Connects and coordinates activities at the growing number of gardens throughout the University and across the area.
Student Affairs Committee: Coordinates and organizes all student-related activities and events, including the creation of a possible CIO and a student brigade/internship program.
Media and Special Events Committee: Organizes panels, guest lectures, and other special events throughout the year, primary point of contact with media.
Curriculum Development Committee: Coordinates new and existing courses, including research seminars, independent studies, and opportunities for faculty and students to conduct and present Food Collaborative related research.

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