1. What Town do you or your family live in?

2. Do you or your family currently use the Aquatic Facility at Patton Park

3. If improvements were made to the Aquatic Facility, would you or your family consider using the facility?

4. Which programs/activities would you use the pool for?

5. If the Aquatic Facility was renovated, what do you believe is a fair price for a family (household) pool pass?

6. Please rank the following improvements/renovations to the Aquatic Facility with one (1) being the most important and five (5) being the least important.

  1 2 3 4 5
Larger Pool
More Deck Space
Kiddie Pool Area
Water Toys/Splash Pad
Concession Area
Improved Parking
Additional Lap Pool
Family Seating Areas
Year Round Pool Facility
Improved Bath House

7. Comments/Other Ideas