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Currently, I am attending the Learning Disabilities Graduate program at Rowan University, NJ. I am interested in parents and their knowledge of Cyberbullying and their involvement. The purpose of the research is to determine if students with disabilities are bullied more than their non-disable peers through technology.

1. Do you have a child, or children in the public schools? If you have more than one child in school, please choose one of your children when responding.

2. What grade is your child in?

3. Has your child been identified as being eligible for special education services?

4. Is your child a boy or a girl? (choose one for questionnaire)

5. Many electronic devices are used to Cyberbully others.
Please check all that apply to your family.

6. Does your child have their own email account?

7. Do you know your child's passwords for all their email accounts?

8. How often do you check your child's email?

9. Where does your child most often use email?

10. Has your child ever been bullied in an email?

11. Have you discussed with your child the issue of giving their password and other identifying information to others?

12. How important do you think it is to monitor their internet usage? (Includes: Email, texting and phone)

13. Have you established online rules and an agreement with your child about Internet usage at home and outside of the home?

14. Would you or have you considered using software to monitor who your child is talking to online?

15. Are you aware that many smart phones have geo tagging software on the device that will automatically store data that will reveal your child's exact location?

16. Has your child ever written a mean text or instant message to anyone? (Cyberbullying)

17. Has your child been bullied by another student at home while online.

18. When your child stays with a friend, do their parents monitor what they do online?