1. Feedback Survey

Intel(R) Teach Elements: Project-Based Approaches Course includes five modules of interactive e-learning lessons with additional Your Turn activities to apply the learning in an action plan for project-based learning in your classroom

1. How many modules and lessons of the Project-Based Approaches e-learning course did you complete?

2. Did you find the e-learning course useful?

3. How many of the Your Turn action plan activities did you complete?

4. Did you find the Your Turn action plan activities useful?

5. Would you recommend this course to a friend or colleague?

6. What suggestions for improvement do you have?

7. How comfortable are you in implementing project based approaches with your students?

8. What other topics would you like to see covered in these courses? (please select all that apply.)

9. Are you located in Pakistan?

10. Would you like to be contacted when future Elements courses become available?

* 11. Contact Information