Westlake Parks and Recreation Master Plan Survey

100% of survey complete.

The City of Westlake is in the process of developing a Master Plan to plan for the future of parks and recreation opportunities in Westlake. Your help is needed to determine the facilities, programs, services, events, and improvements that are needed. This survey will take less than 10 minutes to complete. We greatly appreciate your time.

* 1. What is your home zip code?

2. Have you or any member of your household visited a park in Westlake in the last 12 months?

3. If you answered "Yes" to Question 2 above, please indicate how often you or members of your household visited parks within the past year.

4. If you answered "Yes" to question 2 above, which of the following parks in Westlake have you visited in the past year?

5. How would you rate the physical condition of the parks and recreation facilities in Westlake?

6. Have you or any member of your household participated in any recreational programs offered by the City of Westlake or sports leagues in Westlake over the past 12 months?

7. How would you rate the quality of the programs in which you or members of your household participated?

8. The following are actions that the City of Westlake could take to improve the parks and recreation services in the City. Please indicate whether you would be very supportive, somewhat supportive, or not supportive of the actions.

  Very Supportive Somewhat Supportive Not Supportive Not Sure
Purchase land to preserve open space, natural, or historic areas
Purchase land for developing athletic fields & recreational facilities
Purchase land to connect existing parks
Upgrade older parks and recreation facilities
Upgrade existing youth/adult athletic fields, including new lighting
Develop new athletic fields
Develop new recreational trails and connect existing trails
Develop new commuter biking trails
Develop new nature, history, and horticulture facilities
Develop a new skate park
Develop a new dog park
Expand the Recreation Center
Develop new programs for teens
Improve or replace the Community Services Center
Improve or replace Peterson Pool
Develop a driving range at Meadowood Golf Course

9. Do you or members of your household have a need for the City of Westlake to develop the following facilities? Click on all of the facilities that correspond to the facilities you or members of your household would use if they were developed.

10. Please click on the programs that you or members of your household have a need to be offered in Westlake.

11. Please indicate the three (3) programs from the question above that are MOST IMPORTANT to your household. Choose three of the letters that precede the selections in Question #10.

12. Listed below are potential improvements that could be made to existing parks. Please check ALL the improvements you would most like to have made to parks in Westlake.

14. What is your age?

16. What is your gender?

17. Please check whether you live east or west of Dover Center Road.

18. What recommendations would you like for the City of Westlake to consider in the Parks and Recreation Master Plan? (maximum of 100 characters and spaces)

Thank you very much for your time and interest in parks and recreation in Westlake. Your responses will help us to focus on the services that are most important to our residents.