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1. Have you ever purchased a greeting card?

2. What is your favorite type of card?

3. For what occasion do you most often buy greeting cards?

4. What do you like to see most on a card?

5. Are you more inclined to purchase a card if it is made from recycled or ecofriendly material?

6. Where do you most often buy greeting cards?

7. What is the highest price you would pay for a greeting card?

8. Are you male or female?

9. Between which of the following sections does your age fall?

10. Thank you for completing La SuaVoce Design's survey! In appreciation you will recieve a $5 credit towards our online shop, which is available at http://suavoce.etsy.com. Upon purchase please include the following code to recieve your credit: SURV23

Below, please write any comments you may have on your experience and preferences purchasing greeting cards.