Please let us know about your current extracurriculars. If you do not participate in any activities outside of school, please mark "None" for question 1 and leave the rest of the survey blank.

* 1. Which type of extracurricular activities are you involved in?

2. If you participate in SPORTS extracurriculars, what sport(s) do you play or practice? In what league, group, or club do you participate?

3. If you participate in THEATRE or the PERFORMING ARTS, what type of activities do you do? In what community center, performance group, or theatre do you perform?

4. If you participate in MUSIC extracurriculars, do you play an instrument, sing, record, or perform in group ensembles? In what groups, studios, choirs, or orchestras do you perform?

5. If you participate in VISUAL ARTS extracurriculars, what medium(s) do you use? In what studio, art class, or association do you participate?

6. If you participate in PROFESSIONAL (paid) extracurriculars, where do you work? Is this a future career for you?

7. If you participate in VOLUNTEERING (unpaid), where do you work? Is your volunteering motivated by a career choice, community choice, or other?

8. If you answered OTHER to question 1, tell us more about your unique extracurricular activity here.