How can credit unions help young adults save money in a way that is meaningful, fun, exciting and rewarding? The following survey was developed to help us understand the financial needs of young adults and address this question.

Who are we? We are a group of 4 individuals under the age of 30 who are concerned about increasing the financial well-being of young adults by improving savings.

Saving money is difficult for the majority, if not all, Americans, especially for young adults with little income. Our group, which was put together with the help of the Filene Research Institute (30 under 30 program), is passionate about this topic. We currently are in the process of developing a product that would make saving money more fun and rewarding, but we need your input on whether or not it would appeal to you. Through your input, we will be able to adjust and perfect this product to fit the needs of young adults like yourself.

What will the survey ask? The following survey is designed to gauge your opinion on your current savings habits, how you feel about saving money as well as get your thoughts and opinions on a savings account where you would have the chance to win cash and prizes. All responses are confidential, and will only be used in combination with the feedback of other survey participants.

Thank you very much for taking the time to complete this survey. Your thoughts, opinions and suggestions are greatly appreciated.