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1. Football Fan Survey (2 Minutes)

1. How old are you?

2. In what country do you live?

3. Have you ever participated in any of the below activities? (Can mark more than one)

4. If so, which did you most enjoy?

5. What is your experience with betting on football?

6. The following is a description of a new fantasy gambling competition that is in development:

-Each player pays an entry fee and gets a virtual bankroll of 50,000 euros. Players use this money to place bets on real football matches from the English Premier and other popular leagues.
-Players with the highest bankroll at the end are declared the winners.
-Entry fees are paid out to the top performers at the end of the competition.

7. Do you know anyone who would enjoy a game like this?

8. Would you be interested in being part of a private beta test for the football betting game?

9. What features would you like to see in an online game like this?