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1. PPHP Peer Educator & Volunteer Alumni Survey

* 1. Please enter your information.

2. What have you been doing since you left Planned Parenthood and moved into adulthood? Please check all that apply.

3. If you attended, or are currently attending, college, what was/is your major?

4. What is your current/recent occupation/industry?

5. Are you currently involved with PPHP or another Planned Parenthood affiliate?

6. What year(s) were you involved with PPHP?

Example: 2000-2003

7. What was your role?

8. In which PPHP area are you most interested?

9. Which of the following most closely describes the type of involvement with PPHP you would like?

10. Is there any other news or information you would like to share with us? Awards? Interesting experiences? Other?