The Doctoral Program in Reading has been approached with the proposal of offering more courses online. The particular proposal states that classes offered in the Fall and Spring semesters would be totally online, while face-to-face classes would be offered in the Summer. The rationale is that this approach would be more appealing to students who might be willing to travel farther distances in order to get this doctorate if they only had to travel in the summer. In order to determine the viability of this proposal we are seeking feedback from you. This short survey will help us to determine our decision. Please choose the appropriate answer for your response.

* 1. Would you support a more online-based learning?

* 2. Would you continue to do so given that additional fees are associated with online instruction?

* 3. Do you think that you could learn effectively with online instruction?

* 4. Would online courses fit better with your schedule outside of school?

* 5. If you are not currently in a doctoral program, would you be more inclined to apply to one where the majority of the coursework is offered online?

* 6. Please feel free to add any comments