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1. What is your Reference Number or Case Number?
(The reference number starts with 2013-UI and is found on the second page under "final order" of the Certificate of Mailing issued by the Office of Administrative Hearings. Example: Ref # 2013-UI-00100. The Case Number or Order Number is found on the first page, first paragraph directly under the Certificate of Mailing title. Example: 13-UI-01000)

2. Are you the Claimant/Representative, Employer/Representative, or the Employment Department?

3. Was the Appeals Board Decision in your favor?

4. How do you rate the timeliness of EAB's services?

5. How do you rate EAB's ability to provide services correctly the first time?

6. How do you rate the helpfulness of EAB employees?

7. How do you rate the knowledge and expertise of EAB employees?

8. How do you rate the availability of information from EAB?
(Decisions, Website, Telephone Conversations, Correspondence)

9. How do you rate the overall quality of EAB service?