Commons Dining Services . . . Your Opinion Counts!

Decisions involving food service at the Commons Dining Hall are made with your input. Please let us know how you rate our performance. We appreciate your time and your help.

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Where do you live?

Is the food displayed in an appealing way?

How do you feel about the variety of foods served?

How are we at serving food at the proper temperature (hot foods should be served hot, and cold foods should be served cold)?

The taste and flavor of food is important to us. How are we doing at serving tasty, flavorful foods?

Overall, how do you feel about the quality of the food served?

The dining atmosphere is very important. How are we doing related to the appearance and cleanliness of the dining area?

We understand that your time is valuable, how are we doing at serving you promptly when you dine with us?

Are the staff courteous and helpful?

How are we doing at being sure the appearance of the staff is neat, clean and presentable?

Everyone has different times that they can break for meals. In general, how well do the hours we are open fit into your schedule?

How are we doing at making sure the service area is neat, clean, and presentable?

Are you satisfied with your access to nutritional information?

Overall Satisfaction - In consideration of the ENTIRE dining experience, how happy are you with how you are being served?

  Very Happy - Everything's Great! Happy - You try to meet everyone's needs Usually Happy - It's Okay Not So Happy - Changes are needed Really Unhappy
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Please provide any comments you may have to help us serve you better. Thanks.