* 1. Secondary Core Standards Revision Process

The USOE is currently engaged in the process of secondary social studies core standards revision. Committees have been formed to begin the work, and a new oversight committee called a standards review committee will soon be forming to review and recommend revisions to the existing core standards as well.

Here is the address to the existing core standards: http://schools.utah.gov/CURR/socialstudies/Core.aspx

As we move through this process, we will make the core standards revision process as transparent and open as possible. These standards, written by Utah educators and stakeholders and for Utah students, will provide a great opportunity for us to come to consensus about the attributes necessary for the best quality social studies education for Utah students.

Your input in this process is welcome.

When drafts of new core standards are available, they will be posted for comment as well on the USOE Social Studies site. To stay apprised of social studies events and news, sign up for the social studies blog:


* 2. Please let us know which core standards you are commenting upon.

* 3. Please share your comments about the existing core standards. If you have a specific standard you are addressing, please indicate that in your comments.

* 4. Please share any recommendations for revisions that you think will be most beneficial for students to provide an adequate foundation to pursue college, technical education, a career, or other life pursuits.

* 5. Please share any other comments or questions you have about the Utah social studies standards revision process.

Thank you for your time!