1. Retiree Health Insurance Survey - Sponsored by: The Risk Management Learning Center

Threats of government run health care are forcing health insurance companies to pool retirees in, what by nature, are high risk pools in order to keep rates for current employees competitive. Will such underwriting strategies succeed? Probably not, especially if politicians succeed in creating a tax supported government option to compete with private sector “premium funded” health insurance pools. Adverse selection risks alone are going to drive both taxes and health insurance premiums through the roof.

From a Risk Management standpoint, we can't “Avoid” the risks created by government’ intervention into private sector health insurance; no more than we could avoid their intervention into the management of financial institutions, the automobile industry, or other segments of our private sector society. In a democracy, however, we can "Reduce" these risks when we go to the polls and VOTE!

The following anonymous “Retiree Health Insurance” survey is a Risk Management tool we use to identify and measure retiree health insurance risks, as well as, identify and measure retiree’ health insurance options; i.e. companies and contracts retirees might want to consider. The survey is anonymous to encourage candor. For more RM assistance, read my white papers on managing health insurance risks.

Rich Woldt - CEO The Risk Management Learning Center

Instructions for completing the survey and obtaining results:

• Remember this is an anonymous survey so other than the State and zip code in which you live, don't identify yourself. Zip code/postal code demographics help us identify RM solutions specific to a district or region of the world.

• Retirees anywhere in the world are encouraged to complete this survey. Focus on what worked for you!

• Health Insurance Representatives, UW Risk Management and Insurance Alumni Association members, as well as our cadre of International Credit Union Risk Managers are all encouraged to complete this survey. You don’t have to be retired to share your wisdom and experience.

• There are two ways to obtain survey results. First, Most results will be posted on our Risk Management Learning Center website at www.RMLearningCenter.com; look for the "Results from Retiree Health Insurance Survey" icon.
Second, survey results fed into our RMLC R&D files will be available to our International Credit Union Risk Managers and those who’ve been cleared into my LinkedIn account. Send your LinkedIn invitation to: Rich@RMLearningCenter.com.

• Needless to say, all retirees are encouraged to use our Risk Management Learning Center R&D library, download our RM white papers, and use our RM handouts at chapter meetings as they see fit.

Please remember, only when I’m being paid do I speak for others. Opinions expressed in this introduction are mine and mine alone. Thank you in advance for completing this survey.

Rich Woldt, CEO The Risk Management Learning Center