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1. 1. How much is God or religion a part of your life?

2. 2. What is your familiarity with religious writings, including the Bible?

3. 3. Where do you experience authentic relationships in the community?

4. 4. What practical issues would you be interested in having a balanced Christian perspective? (Mark all that apply)

5. 5. What are you aware of regarding Gashland United Methodist church?

6. 6. How involved have you been in the ongoing life of a local church?

7. 7. Characterize your understanding of the church on the whole, not a particular denomination or local church

8. 8. What is your understanding of the United Methodist church?

* 9. 9. What de-motivates you from visiting a local church activity such as worship services, bible studies?

10. 10. What would provide the best way to initially connect with a local church to learn more?