1. What words come to mind when you think of the High Point Public Library?

2. How often do you visit the library?

3. How do you use library services? (check all that apply)

4. If you use computers at the library, please check reasons:

5. When you visit the library, are you able to find what you're looking for?

6. If you don't find what you're looking for, the reason is: (check all that apply)

7. Which if any of the following issues limit your use of the library? (check all that apply)

8. How satisfied are you with the overall services of the library?

9. Is the staff helpful?

10. THINKING OF THE GREATER HIGH POINT REGION, please rate the importance of the library in the following areas by checking the appropriate box. "5" means VERY IMPORTANT; "1" means NOT AT ALL IMPORTANT.

  5 4 3 2 1
Materials for personal enjoyment
Early childhood/literacy education
Support school age students
Support adult education/life-long learning
Support job search/economic development

11. If you are already a library patron, are there any ideas or changes you would suggest concerning materials, staff, services, and/or programs? If you are a non-user, what types of services and programs would be relevant to you and encourage you to give us a look?

12. OPTIONAL: The following information will be used for demographic purposes only. Please provide information for the person completing the survey.

13. Optional: What is your age

14. OPTIONAL: Ethnicity:

15. Do you have a library card?

16. What is your home zip code?

17. OPTIONAL: If you wish to be entered in the prize drawing, please give us your contact information (name, e-mail, phone number, etc.) The prize is a $100 Target gift card donated by Friends of High Point Public Library