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Begin here: http://dlwork.lib.utk.edu/gots/tutorial/one-search.

Then, do you your own search from the library homepage (http://www.lib.utk.edu). Look for a book on a topic you find interesting.

1. I wanted to find a book about…

2. I entered these words in the library search box to find a book on my topic:

3. The book that seemed the most interesting and relevant was:

4. This book was...

5. This book was in Hodges Library Stacks.

6. If the book you identify in question #3 is available in Hodges Library Stacks, skip this question and go to question #7.

If the book you list in question #3 is checked out, or not in Hodges Library Stacks, find a different book related to your topic that IS available in Hodges Stacks. The book I went to find in the Hodges Library Stacks was:

7. I went to this floor of Hodges Library to find the book:

8. I was able to locate the book I went to find.

9. If you weren’t able to locate the book you wanted to find, stay in the call number section where you book was supposed to be. In that shelving section, find a book on the shelf that is related to your original search topic. Write down the following information about that book:

At this point, make sure you have a photocopy or scan or have taken a picture of the title page inside the book.

10. If you were stuck, and didn’t know how to find the book or resource you needed for research, what would you do?

11. Why did you complete this assignment?

IMPORTANT: Hitting the "Done" button does NOT send the answers to your instructor! Print out a copy of your responses for your instructor. Make sure you click the "Done" button after you've printed.

1. FIRST, print out a copy of your answers, and
2. THEN, hit the "Done" button.