1. NIAC Membership Survey on Policy Priorities and Directios

In the wake of the election crisis in Iran, NIAC is seeking the input of its membership to help guide our policy priorities going forward. NIAC has been and continues to be in a key position to influence US policy towards Iran, but we need your feedback to accurately represent your views. While NIAC prides itself in seeking the input of its membership in this transparent and democratic fashion, this process can only come to fruition through your participation in the survey!

The survey below focuses only on the most realistic policy issues and options – it is not comprehensive nor does it address other non-policy activities NIAC can/will pursue. If you feel that there is a policy option that is not captured in the survey, please use the feedback field in the end to provide us with your additional input.

Moreover, while NIAC already has a mandate from our membership in favor of diplomacy, against sanctions and war, and in favor of human rights, we feel that the events of the past weeks have been of such magnitude that we need to go back to our membership and hear your thoughts and reactions. We will likely do more polls in the next few weeks, to further enrich our policy agenda with your feedback.

The survey has five policy questions, as well as the below personal data questions. This data is needed to verify your membership with NIAC (which is why we cannot make the survey anonymous). Your membership must be valid to have your survey answers included. If your membership has expired, please renew it here http://www.niacouncil.org/donate.asp br>

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* 4. Are you a current NIAC member? If not, please renew your membership here http://www.niacouncil.org/donate.asp