1. Which airline do you typically travel with?

2. In your experience, which airline best meets your access needs?

3. When TSA agents take you aside to pat you down they are usually:

4. Your disability requires:

5. When you arrive at the gate and transfer from your chair, the agents in charge of your chair usually:

6. When requesting a seat assignment, you usually:

7. When you get on the plane, you usually find:

8. When you use an aisle chair to get to your assigned seat, the aisle chair itself is usually:

9. The employees who help you when you use the aisle chair are usually:

10. When you arrive at your destination, usually:

11. When you deplane:

12. Your age is:

13. Your disability is:

14. Your gender is:

15. What else would you like us to know about your flying experiences?

16. Please tell us your name and email if you’re willing to be contacted for this story.