The East Central Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission (ECWRPC) is the designated Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) for the Appleton (Fox Cities) and Oshkosh Urbanized Areas and staff for the Fond du Lac MPO. ECWRPC will spend the next year developing Long Range Transportation Plans to guide the direction of the future transportation network in these areas. We are seeking input from all members of our communities to help create plans that consider the diverse needs of all our residents. Your confidential responses to this survey are greatly appreciated. Please take 5 to 10 minutes to answer the questions below.

* 1. What is your county of residence?

* 2. What is your municipality of residence? (example: City of Appleton, Village of Little Chute, Town of Greenville)

* 3. How far is your commute to work? (if applicable)

* 4. What modes of transportation do you use to commute to work? (Check all that apply)

* 5. Would you be likely to increase your use of public transit if the following improvements were made?

  Yes Maybe No Not Sure
More transit routes
More frequent service
Longer service hours/days
Update buses and facilities
Bicycle lockers/facilities
Light rail/commuter rail service
Improved bus shelters/benches
Better route information

* 6. Approximately how often do you use your bicycle in the summer?

* 7. Would you bicycle and/or walk more if additional bicycle and pedestrian facilities were available?

* 8. If you answered 'yes' to the previous question, which of the following would be helpful to you? (Check all that apply)

* 9. Overall, how would you rate the transportation system in your municipality?

* 10. How would you rate the following in your municipality?

  Poor Fair Neutral Good Very Good
Condition of roads
Traffic congestion
Attractiveness of roads
Bicycle lanes/paths
Traffic signal system
Public Transit

* 11. Please list up to five transportation improvements you would like to see in your municipality. Suggestions may be general and/or specific to intersections or street corridors (examples: roundabouts, bike lanes)

* 12. Do you feel traffic in your municipality is:

* 13. If you answered "getting worse" in the previous question, where is traffic congestion a problem in your municipality? (Please specify street/road name)

* 14. Please rank the following from first to last (1 = high priority, 8 = low priority) of alternatives to fund transportation improvements at the state level?

  1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th
Increased gas tax
Increased registration fee for passenger vehicles and trucks
Increased driver license fee
Adopt a vehicle mileage fee
Transportation bonds
Adopt policy changes for the Wisconsin Department of Transportation (such as borrowing limits)
I do not support any additional funding improvements
Not Applicable

* 15. Which of the following describes your age?

* 16. What is your annual household income?

* 17. What is your highest level of education?

* 18. Please include any additional comments here.