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1. Green Product Survey

1. Which of the following characteristics do you take into consideration when evaluating green products?

2. What are the biggest challenges you face in specifying green products?

3. Most trusted third-party certifications?

4. How do you evaluate product claims for greenwashing?

5. How often do you request MSDSs?

6. What online tools and/or databases do you use?

7. Does your firm have its own in-house checklist or sustainable product purchasing process for evaluating green products?

8. Are green criteria more important to you when specifying products for certain market segments (ex. Corporate, retail, hospitality, education)?

9. How often do you participate in take-back programs?

10. Who initiates green product discussions in your projects?

11. Which of the following best describes you?

12. In which state do you live?

13. What is your age group?

14. Open comments regarding green building product specification