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1. What is your name?

2. What is your farm name?

3. What is your farm address?

4. What is your email address?

5. What is your phone number?

6. Have you supplied food to any local schools?

7. What worked and what could have been better?

8. Did any distributors help get your product from the farm to a local school?

9. As far as you know, would requirements for insurance be a barrier for you? Please explain.

10. Are you able to deliver to Skidmore (or other nearby institutions)?

11. Are you able to do any quality grading, washing, and packing?

12. What is the typical seasonal availability of your products? Do you store any product after the growing season?

13. Do you have a flexible farm plan? (i.e. would you be able to augment what - or how much you currently grow if it meant access to Skidmore market?)

14. If you could diversity or expand your production, what would you add to what you're currently doing?

15. Have you considered pursuing GAP certification? Who or why not?

16. Would you be interested in growing for Skidmore?

17. Are you able to be flexible in working our a payment schedule to work with Skidmore?

18. Can you share with us a price list of your products?

19. Are you interested in a gathering of local farmers, distributors, and food service directors/restaurant owners etc. in order to build partnerships and expand the market for local foods?

20. If you are interested in a gather like this, when would be the best time for you?

21. What can institutions like Skidmore do (how can we change our practices) to meet the needs of small-scale and/or local farms like yours? (E.g. educational programming about local food systems, outreach and communications, investing in distribution facilities etc.).

22. What can farmers do to meet the needs of large buyers like Skidmore - do you think that farmers need to change practices for this kind of partnership to work? (E.g. set aside land to grow wholesale specifically for a couple of buyers, attend planning meetings/calls with large buyers and/or their distributors over winter to organize what to grow and how much etc.)