Purpose of Excellence in Education Award and Nomination Information

The Business and Education Committee of the Greater Susquehanna Chamber of Commerce wants to recognize excellence in education in the Greater Susquehanna Valley. Nominations by students are strongly encouraged, and business leaders or other community members can also submit nominations.

•To promote the educational and economic strengths of the Greater Susquehanna Valley making the merits of businesses and schools more evident to the public.
•To reduce the drop-out rate in valley schools through innovative engagement with business and educational assets.
•To increase the college and career readiness of all learners so they are equipped with the skills to compete in a global economy.
•To encourage and foster more interactivity between educators and business people for their mutual growth and understanding while capitalizing on local opportunities and trends.

Please join us by completing this form to nominate a teacher or other education professional that meets the following criteria:

•Is an exceptionally dedicated, knowledgeable and skilled Susquehanna Valley education professional;
•Currently provides or has provided her/his time teaching or supporting quality education for students in any of the private or public districts that the Chamber serves;
•Inspires students of all backgrounds and abilities to learn;
•Has the respect and admiration of students, parents and colleagues; and
•Plays an active and useful role in the community, as well as in the school.

All nominations are reviewed by the Business and Education Committee. If your nominee is selected for an Excellence in Education Award, you will be contacted along with the appropriate school district personnel to arrange for a formal presentation of the Excellence in Education Award. A minimum of 8 awards will be provided throughout the academic year.

Questions should be directed to the Business and Education Committee at the Greater Susquehanna Valley Chamber by calling (570) 743 - 4100 or sending an email to info@gsvcc.org.

All nominations become the property of the Greater Susquehanna Valley Chamber of Commerce and can be used in Chamber publications.

Thank you.

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* 1. Please provide some information about you, as the nominator:

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* 2. The person I am nominating is a:

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* 3. Please tell us about the person you are nominating for the Excellence in Education Award

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* 4. Please describe how this teacher or education professional has positively influenced or inspired you or other students' experience in the classroom and/or personal growth. It is helpful to include details that support this person's ability to go above and beyond, his/her impact on you or other students, and how he/she has influenced your life and career decisions or of those around you.

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* 5. How did this teacher or education professional contribute to the goals listed above?