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1. How do you feel about the following statement:

I consume my white wine soon after purchasing it.

2. When choosing a white wine, I look for:

3. My favorite white wine is:

4. How likely are you to purchase a wine made from the following grapes:

  Never Heard Of It Rarely Sometimes My Go-To White
Sauvignon Blanc
Chenin Blanc
Pinot Grigio

5. The flavors associated with Sauvignon Blanc that I like BEST are:

6. The wine growing region that makes the best Sauvignon Blanc is:

7. Please rate the following flavors found in white wine:

  Not my thing OK, if someone else buys I like it on occasion What I look for
Citrus Flavors
Apple & Pear Flavors
Stone Fruits (peach, apricot)
Tropical Fruit Flavors
Bright Acidity
Vanilla & Butter

8. When I purchase Sauvignon Blanc wines, I usually spend (retail price):

9. I generally drink Sauvignon Blanc in the:

10. Which white wine has lost the most popularity to Sauvignon Blanc?