Welcome to Suffolk Fire and Rescue Service's consultation on the Integrated Risk Management Plan for Felixstowe Fire Station.

In early 2011 Suffolk Fire and Rescue Service carried out a public and stakeholder consultation on its Integrated Risk Management Plan (IRMP) which included a number of changes to operational fire cover arrangements across the county.

The plan included a proposal to change the firefighter crewing arrangements at Felixstowe fire station froma 7-day day crewed arrangement supported by on-call firefighters to an on-call only fire station.

The outcome of the 2011 public consultation raised a number of concerns and these were considered by Suffolk County Council's Cabinet. They agreed to amend the proposal and introduce the changes in 3 phases.

This would enable the implications of each stage to be carefully assessed in a review by the Fire Service; these reviews would then be used to inform a further decision about moving to the next stage.

The purpose of this consultation is to seek your views on the introduction of the final stage – this is a change from the current 5-day nucleus crewed model to a fully On-Call model for the 2 fire engines at the fire station. This would remove the last 4 full time firefighters at the station.

Your views are important to us and we would be grateful if you could please take a few moments to complete the following brief questions.

Thank you.