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Employers are expected to treat students with respect and in a professional manner, whether they are paid or unpaid, earning academic credit or not.

By submitting a position, all employers are expected to adhere to federal and state laws regarding employment. If you are a for-profit business, U.S. Department of Labor gudelines require you to compensate students.

Internships are screened. Only those deemed appropriate will be posted for viewing by students.

1. Position Title

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11. LinkedIn Personal Weblink

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14. Academic Major(s) Desired:

15. Time Preference:

* 16. Compensation Per Hour
(For-profit businesses are expected to compensate students.)

17. Available (check all that apply):

18. Job/Project Description:

19. Experience / Skills Desired:

* 20. Briefly describe how this experience will be educationally significant for the student:

P: 717-796-5099
W: www.messiah.edu/internship