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Greetings Transitioners and Low Carbonistas all over the world!

As part of our efforts to facilitate a worldwide network of people working on these problems at a community level, we've starting work on a project that aims to deliver on three distinctive fronts:

  • a quick and easy feature-rich web presence for transition initiatives and groups
  • community networking capabilities
  • knowledge sharing and collaboration

This survey is designed to figure out what systems you're using, what systems you're happy with and what you want in the future.

We've estimated that this survey shouldn't take you more than 15 minutes. Feel free to set the timer and when the alarm goes, just go down the bottom and hit "Finished" - we know how busy you must be!

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Possible techno problems with this survey.

If you're experiencing technical problems with this survey, try the following:

  • enable cookies
  • enable JavaScript
  • upgrade your browser
If that still doesn't work, call us on 05601 531882 and share the pain.

First, a couple of questions about you and your initiative that'll really help us with the analysis of the responses.

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* 1. Please confirm the following details:

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* 2. How long have you been involved in your community's Transition (or Low Carbon) Initiative?

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* 3. What's your level of web technical competence?

Next, we need to find out more about your activities and the tools you're using.

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* 8. We'd like to follow up some of these responses with a phonecall. Would you be up for that?

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* 9. Here's the bit where you can either answer any questions we forgot to ask, have a rant, give us some suggestions or write a poem.

That's about it.

Thank you so much for engaging with this gnarly challenge.

It's probably worth saying here that we won't be able to deliver all the functionality discussed above tomorrow. However, we'll figure out how to start making some key elements available to you in the near future.

You're all a huge inspiration to us - thanks for doing the work that you do.

Ed Mitchell, Gary Alexander and Ben Brangwyn.