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1. What do you like most about MLBTradeRumors?

2. What do you like least about MLBTradeRumors?

3. How could I make MLBTradeRumors.com better?

4. What is the #1 reason you visit MLBTradeRumors.com?

5. About a month ago I added a moderator (Ankur) to monitor the comments. Have you noticed any improvement in the comments over the last month?

6. Recently I have added two contributing authors to MLBTR: Tom Goyne covers the Phillies, and Jacob Burch covers the Dodgers. What do you think of their work so far?

7. Which teams do not get their fair share of coverage on MLBTR, in your opinion?

8. If MLBTR branches out to cover areas of baseball besides free agents and trades, which would you like to see covered?

9. Would you visit more often if I posted more often?