* 1. What is the name and address of this establishment?

2. What is the name of the individual completing this survey?

3. Did someone help you complete this survey?

4. If so, who helped you?

* 5. Which carter picks up waste at this establishment?

* 6. About how much do you pay monthly for carting?

* 7. About how many pounds of waste does your carter pick up daily from this establishment?

* 8. Of that, about how many pounds are food waste, that is, material that is or once was, edible or that could be easily composted. (Please do not include cardboard.)

* 9. Are you charged by the pound by your carter?

* 10. Does your carter require you to separate certain materials such as cardboard, glass, metal or food wastes?

11. What materials do you separate?

* 12. To the best of your knowledge, does your carter recycle or compost any of the materials that they pickup?

* 13. What materials are recycled or composted?

* 14. If it were available and cost no more than your current carter, would you pay to have your food waste picked up by a bike carting service and taken to a community composting facility? The bike carter would provide containers for the food waste.