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1. Classroom Visit

Thank you for your work with students. Please answer the following questions about your recent classroom visit.

1. Please provide contact information about yourself:

2. Name of the school you visited or that visited your courtroom.

3. What was the date of the class visit?

4. What grade(s) did you work with on this date? Select all that apply.

5. Length of your time in the classroom

6. Did you use the AOPC's DVD, "The Judicial Branch: Pennsylvania's Unified Judicial System?"

7. Briefly describe what you talked about and did during your classroom visit. Please specify any lesson plans you used.

8. Are you willing to visit other classrooms in the future?

9. Please share some remarks about your experience. These remarks might be used to encourage other judges and lawyers to visit classrooms or engage in other law-related educational programs for Pennsylvania students. Your remarks might also provide suggestions for improvement or ways the PBA and others can better support your education efforts with students.