You are invited to participate in this survey to gather information about your perceptions of public transportation in Prince George’s County. Thank you in advance for your participation.

1. Have you taken this survey before?

* 3. What is your zip code?

4. What is your preferred language?

5. What is your ethnicity or nationality?

6. What is your age?

7. Are you disabled?

8. Did you ride the bus today?

9. If yes, what is your bus route?

10. If no, please explain how you arrived?

11. Do you own a car or access to a car?

12. Do you prefer to use your car

13. If your car/ a car is not available, what type of transportation do you use?

14. What do you think about public transportation in the County?

15. How often do you use public transportation?

16. How do you normally pay for bus fare?

17. If you use the SmarTrip Card, where do you go to load money to the card?

18. If you do not load fare online please explain why

19. If you use the SmarTrip card, do you load your card weekly or just add enough for your planned trips?

20. Are there other locations to load your card that would be easier for you?

21. If you use the SmarTrip card, did you register your card online?

22. If available, would you use local bus service on holidays and weekends?

23. How does reduced or no public transportation service affect your daily activities (work, shopping, etc.)