* 1. It is o.k. to take a risk in math and make mistakes.

* 2. I can figure the problem out if I just keep trying and use my resources (notes, book, purple math, friends, table group, Access, parents, teacher).

* 3. Everyone else already knows how to do this problem, except me.

* 4. It doesn't matter if I understand how I got the answer as long as I get the right answer.

* 5. If I don't understand the problem the first time I try it, I give up and move on.

* 6. When I get to a difficult math problem, I think of all the reasons why I can't do this and move on.

* 7. There is only one right way to do most math problems.

* 8. I can't learn anything from my table group, I learn better when I just work by myself.