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* 1. Traditional marriage - marriage between one man and one woman - is the foundational building block of society and the family unit. Other forms of marriage would undermine that foundation and weaken society as a result.

2. Consenting adults should be able to enter into any matrimonial arrangement they choose.

3. How supportive are you of WA State's passage of Referendum 74 legalizing gay marriage?

4. The U.S. Constitution should be amended to prohibit marriage discrimination.

5. Gay marriage is a fundamental civil rights issue.

6. Polygamous marriage - marriage among 3 or more consenting adults - should be legal as a matter of marriage equality.

7. If three or more consenting adults are in love is it unfair that they cannot get married?

8. Consenting adults who are related to one another (Consanguinity) should be allowed to marry as a matter of marriage equality.

9. Group marriage - intermarriage among three or more people - should be allowed among consenting adults.

10. The most important consideration in determining whether a marriage is valid or should be legal is: