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* 1. Please give your personal details. (See Q10 to add colleagues.)

* 2. Would you be willing to consider archiving some or all of the materials you have used to elicit sign language data (with appropriate documentation/ metadata) with a COST Action SIGNGRAM archive, assuming you could specify terms and conditions of access and use (e.g. proper citation/acknowledgement)?

* 3. Was your material adapted from some other researcher/project?

* 4. Are your materials already formally published or archived so that other researchers can use them?

* 5. Now we would like to ask for information about your materials. Considering all elicitation materials you have used to elicit sign language data: Which sign language(s) were elicited? Please give the most relevant reference(s) concerning the elicitation materials you are describing here.

* 6. What were the general area(s) of interest that the elicitation materials were used for?

* 7. What were the topic(s) of interest (e.g. constructed action, classifier constructions, use of space, lexical items, clause structure, subordination, anaphora, etc.)?

* 8. What kind of materials did you use? e.g. word lists / isolated words, standardized questions in an interview, photographs, drawings, movies, cartoons, toy building bricks, games, etc.

* 9. How well did the materials serve your research purpose?

10. Any other comments? (If you are responding on behalf of a team and/or colleagues/co-authors, feel free to add their names and affiliations here.)