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This survey should not take you more than 15 minutes to complete.

I have freely chosen to participate in the Engaging the iGeneration study, a research survey designed to provide information about the current trends in music technology and gaming and its relationship to the classroom.

This survey is completed online using a drop down list and check box format. I agree to permit Appalachian State University's Principal Investigators, Collaborators and Staff, to obtain, use and disclose the information provided as described below.

Conditions and Stipulations
* I understand that all information is confidential. I will not be personally identified in any manner. I agree to complete the iGeneration online survey for research purposes and that the data derived from this survey may be made available for the general public in the form of public presentations, journals or newspaper articles, and/or in books.

* I understand the online survey involves questions about the purpose and goals of music theory and music education and data regarding visitors to the classroom. Beyond demographics, all questions will address only these issues.

* I understand that my participation in this research survey is totally voluntary. If I choose, I may withdraw my participation at any time. I also understand that if I choose to participate, that I may decline to answer any question that I am not comfortable answering.

* I understand that I can contact Appalachian State University's Hayes School of Music at snodgrassjs@appstate.edu if I have any questions about the research survey and my rights as a participant. I am aware that my consent will not directly benefit me, but will provide data for the Investigators to disseminate regarding a perceived lack of communication between K-12 and Higher Education instructors.

* By clicking yes below I freely provide consent and acknowledge my rights as a voluntary research participant as outlined above and provide consent to Appalachian State University to use my information provided in the survey.

Any questions or concerns may be addressed to:

Jennifer Snodgrass, Ph.D
Assistant Professor of Music Theory

IRB Office,
384 John E. Thomas Hall,
Appalachian State University,
Boone, NC 28608