Informed Consent Agreement for Psychology Research Study: Personality and Decision Making

Researchers: Dr. Brent Mattingly and Miranda Bobrowski


Dr. Brent Mattingly is conducting a research study to assess individuals’ thoughts and feelings regarding various situations and events.


You will complete a series of questionnaires. This procedure will be completed in approximately 20 minutes. The researcher will remove your IP address from your questionnaire and discard it. No use of your IP address will be made.


There are no risks, other than the risk you would encounter in the course of everyday life. Your participation in this experiment is voluntary. You may stop at any time without penalty.

Confidentiality: Participation in research will involve a loss of privacy; however, your records will be handled as confidentially as possible. Your name will NOT be used in this experiment. No individual identities will be used in any reports/publications that may result from this study.


Although there are no direct benefits to you as a participant, you will gain a better understanding of psychological research by actually participating in an experiment.


There are no costs to you for participating in this research procedure.


There is no payment for participating. Participation is completely voluntary.


This study has been approved for meeting the ethical guidelines of the Human Subjects Review Board.  If you have questions or concerns about participation in this study, you may contact Dr. Mattingly at You may also contact the Human Subjects Review Board, which is concerned with the protection of volunteers in research projects. You may reach the HSRB chairperson, Dr. Randall Gearhart, at (419) 289-6198.


You are free to decline to be in this study, or to withdraw from it at any point. Your decision as to whether or not to participate in this study will have no influence on you in any form.

By proceeding, you are indicating that you agree to participate and that you are at least 18 years of age.